We can provide both detailed image enhancements or create fresh imagery by combining different elements.

About our retouching services

We have the experience, skill and creativity that is needed to fulfil the most challenging of projects.

For people-based pictures, enhancements often include smoothing out skin tone, reducing under-eye creases or darkness, removing blemishes, slimming down arms, waist or legs. This can be done to varying degrees depending on the brief or end use of an image. We can also carry out head swaps if needed or combine a number of portraits to create a group photo.

Although for most situations we can achieve continuity of images through ‘best practice’ there are creative briefs that require a much higher level of accuracy and scenarios that mean a preferred backdrop is not always accessible. On these occasions the best solution is often to shoot portraits against a green screen and ‘drop in’ a specific backdrop, this enables a perfectly consistent set of images to be produced.

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